An Evolution in Our Way of Life has Begun

Let’s us not forget where we have traveled and moved from during this Corv19 pandemic? Stay at home, 14-day quarantine, testing, social distancing, creating new ways to communicate, personal protection equipment, food shortages, loss of jobs, violent behavior (theft, shootings, rape, abuse, neglect), creative ways of teaching children at home, etc. This is all new to us but is required to move out of the abyss this country has been experiencing for the last few years.  Cov19 has exposed our weaknesses and extremely dangerous social norms exhibited by some of our society.

Over time we have experienced lots of changes in this country. The founding of our country required a revolution to free us from England and the King, the resistance was strong with many challenges but we made it. The Civil War that freed slaves and indentured servants, Women’s right to vote, equal pay for all, no child left behind, eradication of gerrymandering, and many other events have led to changes. In all situations we have made the nation a better place for the next generation. We have made changes resistantly simply because it is new and takes us out of a comfort zone. Cov19 has impacted our lives that we can never turn back but move forward and creating a new vision of the whole community. National and world unity for the first time is on its way.

National and world unity is another period of change that is going to cause mental and emotional pain and endurance. Cov19 has shown our vulnerabilities, weaknesses, character towards those in different economic classes, and minority racial groups. Cov19 ha hit hard minority communities extremely hard. Cab drivers, sanitation workers, assembly-line factory workers in the food industry, waiters, bus drivers, cleaning attendance, maids, consumer workers in stores, flight baggage attendance, and much. Native Americans have felt the inequality. The treatment of people of color differently in our judicial system and encouragement of separation and disenfranchisement has long been a problem and stain on our country.

We must change our behavior and create a new social-cultural identification, a balance equal, and a fair society for all.

It is time for a change, a new and challenging way of thinking with new leadership at the local, state, and federal levels. Leaders that see the whole community, not as separate parts based on lobbying and money. It is time we provide Universal health care to all regardless of the ability to pay, to control salaries for medical professionals, and to begin a national higher education system for all after high school like regional colleges and universities designed to specialize in different career paths. Mail-in voting and electronic voting by computer.

Judicial rules design for every judge to use in making standardized decisions and a Judicial review committee overseeing their work and adherence to the rules of law. We should require a balance on the judicial bench both at the federal and local levels. Universal police force monitored daily, environmental protection of our air and resource and reduction of plastics and other dangerous materials which include gas emissions and the use of chemicals in plants.

Do not think you can be silent and stand on the sidelines. It is time to make significant changes to how we live our lives and how we see each other as a value to this country. We must bring other countries along and not see ourselves as the dominant country but as a partner for the good of the whole world. No more war or threats but working towards understanding and working together towards a better world.

This all requires everyone to participate in round table discussions as representatives of the whole community not just one or two parts of the community.

I vision a community not trying to get back to things as they were but looking towards a better social society for the entire world. My mom would say “You cannot change the past it is done and there are lessons to learn at each step you take”. You can be better if you take those lessons and improve yourself and the community around you.

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    • I see you have an interest in the Johns family. You also mention Branham and Bass families and Nansemond County, Virginia. Write directly to my email address I grew up in Portsmouth, VA and Durham, NC. Glad to assist you.

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