Genetic Genealogy for Beginners – Introduction



Genetic Genealogy for beginners was created to describe Genetic Genealogy in a simpler manner. Rather than a scientific approach to explaining genetic genealogy and the method and processes used in DNA testing, a clear and understandable nonscientific educational tool is offered to you in several chapter modules. Right now millions of people worldwide have purchased DNA test kits to explore their family ancestors and people have used perhaps several testing companies with different results and matches. The goal is to clear the fog and provide the tools required to understand genetic genealogy DNA testing. (Going forward I will be using the term DNA interchangeably with genetic genealogy).

There is a real need to educate and to continuously educate and help genealogists (anyone researching their family ancestry), to grasp and understand the beneficial attributes and limitations of DNA testing and methodologies. In this introduction and other chapters to follow, you will develop the tools to understand genetic genealogy (DNA).

After studying the chapters, you will be able to apply DNA specific vernacular and genetic genealogy evidence to explain genealogical questions. I will  introduce types of DNA testing and how the test can be used for genealogy.

Genealogy (jene-ole-je) is a record or table of the descent of a person, family, or group from ancestor or ancestors; a family tree. It is the study or investigation of ancestry and family histories. (   Genetic Genealogy is the use of DNA testing in combination with traditional genealogical and historical records to infer relationships between individuals.  (https://en.wikipedia/wiki/international_Society_of_Genetic_Genealogy) Both type requires meeting the genealogical and genetic genealogical standards if conclusions and evidence can be considered creditable and can be followed by others to reach the same conclusion and or expand upon to work presented. This is how genetic genealogy as any other science evolves over time. It becomes better and better.

Over time this material will change and the chapter modules will be adjusted overtime as new research and methods are introduced.  I would recommend you subscribe to  in order to receive updates to your chapter module materials.

Genetic Genealogy for Beginners Contents

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: Basic Genetics
  • Chapter Module 2: Genetic Genealogy Standards
  • Chapter Module 3. Y-DNA Explained
  • Chapter Module 4. MtDNA Explained
  • Chapter Module 5. atDNA Explained
  • Chapter Module 6: BGA (Admixture) Explained


  • Appendix A     Glossary
  • Appendix B    Exercise’s (each chapter module includes and exercise to bring forward your learning experience)
  • Appendix C.    Suggestive Reading List (Offered also at

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