Common Threads that Bind

Recently with DNA testing and a match on 23andme, I discovered a new relative and her name is LCP for confidential reasons. Our numbers match on the 20th chromosome and we share 0.17% our DNA. 5th cousin predicted relationship. We both share Sub-Saharan African ancestry at 84.4% for me and LCP shares Sub-Saharan African ancestry at 81.5%, European ancestry for me 14.2% and LCP 17.1%. Maternal haplogroup for me L2a1a2 and for LCP L2c. After comparing notes and surnames I discovered we do have relatives in common. This discover opens up a new group of relatives I never knew existed before now. We both can trace ancestors back to the 1600 century and I am hoping to a specific location within modern Nigeria.
Many African-American are finding their roots in Africa due to DNA testing and it gets better all the time.Whatever your goals, take the right test to meet your expectations. Need help. email me. Go to to connect and subscribe.

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