New or Just Getting Started with Genealogy or Family History Research P2

                                 I invite you to spend a little time understanding the basics of genealogy or family history research. You may be excited and ready to jump right into DNA. A little genealogical effort to building your family tree is imperative to using DNA results. There are thousands of eBooks, books, literature and websites dedicated to genealogy and family history goals and objectives. I will provide information I think is helpful to avoid the most common pit falls that even the most seasoned genealogist occasionally fall prey to.
Do Your Home Work
So I will tell you that you need to start at home. Play detective when looking for information and you start at home
Other places to discoveries your relatives:
Birth records, marriage and death certificates
Newspaper articles or clippings,including obituaries and wedding and anniversary announcements
Religious records
Family Bible
Letters and addressed envelopes
Military, school, occupational, business, land and legal records
Diaries and journals
If there’s family members your age or older (second, third cousins included), pick up the phone and contact them today; not next week or next month but now. Get started a family detective and ask questions. You will need to generate a list of questions before you  start contacting family members.
Don’t Believe Everything You  Hear or Read
Example: All Africans came to America (Not true, historical evidence proves it)
Capture What You Learn
There are two forms I think are important and essential in your quest to understand and learn about your genetic roots. The pedigree or ancestral chart shows your direct-line ancestry of a particular individual and the descendancy chart or descendant tree (a chart which a selected ancestor appears at the top, and all descendants are depicted in successive generations in rows below him or her)
Pedigree Chart
Left side of the tree Y-Chromosome Line (Paternal), Right side of the tree mt-DNA Line (Maternal)


Descendancy Chart


Ancestry/Pedigree Chart records the ancestors from whom you directly descend–those for whom you intend to compile and complete and correct a family unit. Id shows at a glance the progress you have made towards this goal and what remains to be done.


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