My Ancestors-The Dallas Johns Family, Wake County, North Carolina




Across the ocean lies my ancestors home in Africa. It is the place that saw the birth of all humans on this earth. The original women and man. I am Bantu or Igbo according to all accounts I have researched so far. This website will provide information on DNA testing, research, impact on African-Americans and possible uses to genealogy research and identify your ancestors. I most confess I have European ancestors because of the slave trade and the rape of African women during slavery. They came across the ocean not voluntarily but they were forced.    My great great great great grandfather was a slaveholder in Wake County, NC and so was his father in Virginia. My great great great grandfather was born a slave as were his two brothers and sister. I was told the plantation owner married the African Slave who brought Dallas, Mark , Jack and Elizabeth Johns into this world.  I can find no evidence of the married or the name of the African Slave.However, my cousin Gwendolyn Eudina Johns Hawkins produced a Journal on enslaved Johns in North Carolina.  DNA testing has proven that I am a direct descendant.Gwendolyn Eudina Johns and Island Lemuel Johns.png.

I had to get my head around this bit of information and to accept my Eurasia relatives: 1. We can not pick and select our relatives, 2. We all are from one place and that is Africa, 3. If the DNA segments matchup I need to except that a least on a genetic genealogical level.

Over the next few weeks I will provide Information on DNA in layman terms and I promise no quizzes. DNA can be great and it can be bad depending on your decision in using the results. I will explore all in my blogs.

I will be using my ancestors and their DNA results as examples to show how it works and how to read the results

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