Everyone Has Two Sets of Ancestors

Everyone Has Two Sets of Ancestors


New to Genealogy or Advance, you have a curiosity about your roots. 

Everyone has two sets of ancestors: a genealogical family tree (ancestral family members) and a genetic family tree (ancestors who contributed DNA-makeup and patterns of inheritance). * The genetic family tree can be sometimes hard to digest and we do not wish to confuse you. More of an explanation will come later.

The Genealogical Family Tree

This is the most studied by family genealogist and if you have an interest and have started or about to start your family tree you are a family genealogist. The genealogical family tree, contains everyone of your ancestors who had a child, who had a child, who had a child and so on (back 7-10 generations). A full tree therefore would contain every parent, grand-parent, great-grand-parent, great-great-great-grandparent back through time and would include their siblings and children. We spend an enormous amount of time researching, collecting sources from paperwork such as birth and death certificates, census records, newspapers, church records state, local and US Government and bibles. Many genealogist find the 1700’s as a brick wall and more difficult to reach beyond. We intend to knock down some of those walls with tips and clues.

Genetic Family Tree

Second tree is the genetic family tree which this site will explore and is a fairly newcomer. It started as a tool in history and forensic science, in the 1900’s. This tree contains only those ancestors who contributed to your DNA. Now I know what is happening, yes genetic family tree does overlap with you genealogical family tree, not everyone in a genealogical family tree contributes a segment of his or her DNA sequence to the test-taker’s DNA sequence. A parent does not pass all of his or her DNA to his or her children (only about 50% percent): as a result, bits and pieces of DNA are lost in each generation. Your genetic family tree will be smaller and will go back between five and nine generations.

We are about to explore new areas and DNA testing is getting better all the time. Many will be shock when it is revealed not only the origin all human life is Africa and validated genetic proof that we all are related. There are projects all over the world collecting the data for genealogical reasons and health reason also. We will introduce those project soon.

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